Providing nutrition expertise, communications solutions, strategic marketing and corporate wellness programming 

Inspired solutions. That is what CMR Solutions is all about. Whether you are a food manufacturer committed to providing high-quality sustainable products, an employer looking to improve employee well-being or an organization seeking to help individuals live more healthfully, enabling people to live their best lives is a winning solution for all.  As a marketing professional and nutrition expert, that is my mission behind CMR Solutions. 

Nutrition Expertise

Information is power. Never has this been more critical in the field of nutrition, and consequently product development, than it is today. Consumers are demanding high-quality products from brands they can trust.

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Strategic Marketing

A great product or service is only part of the marketing equation. Ensuring consumers are not only aware of your offerings, but understand the unique benefits that differentiate your brand from the competition is the difference between success and failure.

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Communications Solutions

Delivering high-impact nutrition communications is a complex process requiring an integrated strategy. What you say, where, when and how you say it determines whether or not your message is heard and received.              

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corporate Wellness

Employees are an organization's most important assets, without whom nothing would happen. The demands of our modern society can take a toll on work and life balance, affecting overall health, well-being and ultimately productivity. An outcome everyone wants to avoid.

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