Gluten, still as topical as ever

Ten years ago we almost never heard about gluten. The awareness of Celiac disease was just gaining traction. Skip ahead a decade and it seems not a day goes by that there isn't some mention of it in the media headlines. Most recently, a study presented at the American Heart Association's annual science session called out an association between low gluten diets and increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

As we continue to gain insights from on-going research, it frequently raises more questions. I had a speaking engagement last night at the Northern Colorado Celiac association and it reminded me that in-spite of all the media awareness about gluten free living, it continues to be a struggle, especially for the newly diagnosed. While we wait for the research to evolve, and one day bring us closer to a cure, it is within our power to thrive on a gluten-free diet. read more...

Maintaining a Healthy Gut Microbiome

This past month I contributed my first nutrition column for the Daily Camera, which will appear monthly under the Essentials section. The gut microbiome and its role in human health is truly one of the most exciting and fascinating areas of research hapenning today. We can even see this manifesting in an abundance of new products that have been developed in support of gut health. In the first installment, I share some general information about the role of the gut microbiome and how we can help keep our own guts healthy. Read more

Welcome to Constance's Corner!

It's been nearly eight years since I made the decision to turn my passion into my profession, and over a year since I launched CMR Solutions. Through this venture, I am committed to helping organizations and individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. Ranging from better-for-you natural food products, targeted corporate wellness programming to individualized nutrition counseling and everything in-between.

Going forward I will use this forum to share the latest and greatest nutrition information, resources, news and any other relevant insights I think you might enjoy. I hope you will continue to come back for more as we travel down this road destined for greater health and improved well-being!