Going beyond the headlines

I think it is safe to say that we all want to live our healthiest and best lives. So it is no wonder that our buttons get pushed when a headline emerges telling us to stop eating this or to start eating that or everything we thought was right is now wrong. Unfortunately, in spite of our best intentions, adjusting our lives based on the recent headlines may not give us the results we're looking for and can even be harmful to our health. In my recent Nutrition Talk column I address a few things to consider before jumping on the latest trends. Read more

The Many Ways to Embrace Plant-Based Eating

For years I've tended more towards a flexitarian lifestyle. Like so many others my reasons go beyond my desire to be healthy. In fact, I just prefer plant-based foods over meat, but concerns for the environment and animal welfare have always been a factor in the choices I make. One thing is for sure, most all of us could do with eating more fruits and veggies and we shouldn't forget about whole grains and legumes. If you have been considering incorporating a more plant-based lifestyle, but feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of going completely animal-free, take a look at my recent nutrition column, there are lots of ways to start eating more plants and less meat. read more...

Gluten, Still as Topical as Ever

Ten years ago we almost never heard about gluten. The awareness of Celiac disease was just gaining traction. Skip ahead a decade and it seems not a day goes by that there isn't some mention of it in the media headlines. Most recently, a study presented at the American Heart Association's annual science session called out an association between low gluten diets and increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

As we continue to gain insights from on-going research, it frequently raises more questions. I had a speaking engagement last night at the Northern Colorado Celiac Association and it reminded me that in-spite of all the media awareness about gluten free living, it continues to be a struggle, especially for the newly diagnosed. While we wait for the research to evolve, and one day bring us closer to a cure, it is within our power to thrive on a gluten-free diet. read more...